Friday, September 9, 2011

Bounty Hounds Online Mmorpg 2011 Robots

Bounty Hounds Online is the new Game MMORPG released by InnoGames, with a well developed graphic Bounty Hounds Online promises to be a worldwide success.

At the beginning of your adventure you can choose from up to 5 different character classes: Shock Trooper, Heavy Gunner, Brawler Chemical, Engineer and Agent.
Each with distinguishing features such as long-range attack of 'Heavy Gunner to close attak of the Shock Trooper and the support of' Engineer.
The upgrade system still allows the character to change the style infact each skill can be learned by each character.

In addition when you complete one of the first missions you'll be assigned a robot that will be your companion throughout the adventure.
The 3 types of robots are a specialist in long range attacks or melee attacks in a third specialized in support.
Unless you do decide to create your character class Engineer, the robot is more useful and customizable is the support one.

Have fun with Bounty Hounds Online.