Friday, September 16, 2011

BattleKnight - Browser Game Fantasy RPG

BattleKnight is a fantasy RPG Browser Game where you'll become a valiant knight, a positive or negative hero.


The setting recalls the medieval period, where players are measured each other in fierce battles. The controls are simple and intuitive, and for the new members there is also a tutorial that will guide them in their understanding and in the missions to accomplish.

BattleKnight is set on the figure of the knight you're going to play: you must take care to provide and equip him always better to updating his estate according to the money you will earn. The final victory is achieved more easily by following the main mission of the game, that is, gain the greatest possible number of Taller and experience points. To access more facilities will however be appropriate to try to buy with real money some rubies.

To achieve all this you can indulge in wars, duels, quests, looting, jobs, research and anything that provides financial compensation. In the markets you can buy new equipment and healing potions, while in the forge can enhance equip you already have. In BattleKnight, when you have the requirements, you can create a guild or join an existing one, thus increasing your chances of success in battle.
The peculiarity of this MMORPG is to recreate the epic struggle between the forces of good and evil. Every action that takes place within the game affects the Karma of your knight, moving towards one or the other inclination. In both cases, depending on your choice you will have the ability to activate special abilities and get exclusive weapons.
So grab your spear to win a place of honor in the Hall of Fame, and start your adventure with BattleKnight!