Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Athanaton - Strategy Game Online MMORPG

Athanaton is a strategy Browser Game RPG set in ancient Greece.
You will have to manage an entire realm, and the emotion of the game consists in the attempt to expand the boundaries of your territory and increase your power with shares of conquest. Obviously your opponents will thirst for dominance, and for the glory of the victory you need to have a lot of drachmas, colonies and grain to feed the troops.

The report of the battle is the core of Athanaton, creating an innovative system consisting of 5 main factors, which are general, equipment, training, and loss of the enemy units. Each player must join one of three factions, led by the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Athena, for groped to defeat Hades.

On Athanaton, after eliminating some particular enemy troops, you will enter in a destination for higher level for further expeditions. Once you defeat all the troops on the map, you can receive as reward some high quality equipments, who will periodically increase the heroes that you have available.
This is an action game, does not require the long times provided in the other strategic BG, you only need to use with cunning the best military tactics and you will be able to defeat any kind of player, so have fun with Athanaton!