Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arenas of Glory - Ancient Rome Online Game

Arenas of Glory is an action Browser game where you'll find in the guise of a gladiator that must be honored in the arena. With amazing graphics, which uses the 3D Flash, you can realistically relive the excitement of competition between real players and wild animals in ancient Rome, to conquer the respect of the people and bring fame and honor reserved for heroes.

The test of courage in the Arenas of Glory involving deadly clashes against lions, bears, elephants and tigers, as well as fights with other players. Each match won and mission accomplished will bring you new honor points, which will give you access to higher levels. Before starting to use the various challenges of the Colosseum, however, you must arm and train your gladiator with dignity.

As soon as you sign in Arenas of Glory you will be asked to choose to be one of the three types of gladiator in the game: Versus, extremely agile and fast, Magnus, determined and good defender, and Priscus, powerful and tenacious fighter. After the first combat test you can return to your accommodation and repair your weapons or buying some new in to the market.
Thus begins your career as a warrior, and prestige is vital to gain the support of the population. With it you can achieve your plans for vengeance to overthrow the cruel and tyrannical emperor who murdered your family and that has made you a slave to Rome.
So do not be afraid to pursue your goal and launch yourself in the most ferocious and bloody battles to implement your plans, and good luck with Arenas of Glory!