Saturday, August 13, 2011

War of 2012 Online Games on 2012

War of 2012 is a free browser game recently published by Caplay, based on the reconstruction of the world by the survivors of the human race to the catastrophe of 2012, which nearly destroyed the entire species.
You will have to commit to bring civilization in the near future thrown into a state of the Middle Ages, through 4 different ages, from the Age of Darkness Age up to the end of Imperial.

In the War of 2012 will be called the tactics to deal with various challenges, including creating your own army of heroes who will hire the head of the militia, being able to keep your people and build alliances with neighbors.
Initially, each player must obtain the 4 basic resources: food, wood, gold and stone. With them you can start the construction of buildings and expand your territory, seeing as the population increases exponentially. Through the centuries you will discover among other things, new styles of construction for your possessions.
With the development of the city you'll also increase your military power, so you can jump in battles of conquest even together with your allies, gaining experience in battle tactics, and thereby promoting the highest levels. Very useful for scoring will also be equipping your heroes, which you can get in the course of the adventure.
War of 2011 is in short a MMORG that offers many features that give each player a gaming experience exciting and long lasting.