Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tagoria fighting RPG browser game

From the producers of the Holy War here GameArt Studio to design a new browser game "RPG", Tagoria, traits vaguely similar to its predecessor, particularly in terms of patterns, but at the same time extremely innovative in the communities very wild, which provides then the abandonment of the idea of ​​war between factions and the introduction of new features.

A major novelty of Tagoria is perceived from the outset, when, in character creation, you are given choice about the desired characteristics of the avatar: it can vary between different physical features then decided to sex, body size and appearance.

The ultimate goal of the game is the classic one: to increase in power up your character through the victory of the various battles and the acquisition of the "amber stones", ie the currency of that world. Another bargaining chip for his alter-ego may be the diamond, acquired as payment for the missions to be hired and used to change their skills or as a bargaining chip, inside the caves used for housing, to gain bonuses. Both can be conquered as gifts by the Druids of the villages, which, in exchange for dubious missions that require mostly looting and battles against monsters, may also bestow favors or remedy of divine healing.

Other possibilities to customize your character lie in the fact of choosing between 5 "tactical", all of which serve to enhance a particular statistic, and possession of armor as provided, in which each piece of equipment can be reinforced by 'spell a Druid.
As with previous versions, even on Tagoria, once you reach the sixth level, you can create hordes formed by the union of several players who will try to assert their supremacy over others through the "Dimensional Battles," in the name of one of four deities, respectively, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Finally, beyond elements shamelessly copied or heroically innovative Tagoria is definitely a game to try for its moments of tension, irony, tactic, crudity and tribal atmosphere in which to get lost or sublimely integrated, decorating their cave, integrating their equipment, alliances fighting and accepting more and more complex ... You have the choice of how far to push the challenge!