Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Star Supremacy Browser Game Space battles

Star Supremacy is the new browser game announced in August 2011 and is expected to be launched next month, based on the epic space battles.
At the beginning of the game will have a single colony in a universe full of potential enemies, but an empire without a solid star fleet is inevitably doomed to failure. For this it is very important to move quickly to enhance your power, build defenses and begin the expansion. To do this you will have a team of engineers and scientists dedicated to the development of new weapons that will get you bonuses to attack and defensive stats.
First you will have to procure the necessary resources as quickly as possible for the expansion of your colony, but soon you will discover that you can not collect all those that serve to strengthen, so you have to dedicate the plundering of the neutral zones or those of your opponents.
Obviously, if you want to expand your territories you will need a larger number of ships and commanders to protect the new colony.

Star Supremacy offers only one mode of assembly for the creation of different types of spacecraft, completely personal and unique, from the smallest to the most complex. Clearly, models of warships more powerful can be unlocked only at later levels of the game.

Have fun with Star Supremacy