Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RamaCity Build a city online

In RamaCity, once you have created your account, you will be immediately promoted to mayor of a town, with great effort that you will turn into a real metropolis. You will have to build brick by brick buildings, many more technological, industrial areas and of course, and look after the welfare of your citizens and entertainment for their leisure time.

RamaCity is a free browser game management simulation of Bigpoint, where, in addition to improving your city and manage every aspect, you can also enjoy visiting those of your friends. It is your turn you have to be hospitable to those who come to explore the wonderful architecture and the progress of your territory. Will cooperate so for an interchange of ideas, supplemented later by userfriendly interface and various tutorials that will be always available to new suggestions.

In the game you'll have a whole series of models for buildings (and colors to decorate), from the simplest of ordinary houses or roads, to the most complex of public buildings, businesses, buildings, shops, hospitals, schools and everything you need for a functional city plan. What can not miss in your city are recreational for your inhabitants. You'll get it as a fundamental objective of carrying out missions sometimes daily entertainment of the citizens, to involve them actively in the life of the metropolis and keep up their standard of living by creating fun animations.

Ultimately, you must constantly take RamaCity many new and different actions aimed at increasing the size of your city but also the intensity of your entertainment.