Saturday, August 13, 2011

Imperia Online Free Strategy Game

Imperia Online is one of the most popular browser game of strategy, set in a world before the era of gunpowder in which you must constantly make serious decisions to broaden your fortresses, Sting alliances or strengthen your army.

The fifth version of Imperia Online is the new method recently introduced, which greatly improved the game and it also has distorted every detail before.
For example there is the possibility to choose between one of these two races (at the beginning of the adventure you choose and you must maintain throughout the game): Nomads and Imperians, each one with a predisposition to a particular type of game.
If you decide to become a Nomad you have to be a fearsome warrior who conquers and dominates the others with the strength of his army, but if you choose Imperian you got to play with economic intelligence, develop an efficient production, and good defense.

Another peculiarity of the new Imperia Online is a factor of happiness of the population, which is calculated in real time and updated every minute. This depends on several factors and reveals how people living in your empire are met by the government leadership. This is crucial because it determines the emigration of dissatisfied masses in your possession or immigration of a population group, which will allow a greater supply of labor, increasing your production.

Another important change is that the number of provinces that you can get to get passes from the previous 25 to a maximum of 20 days, however, compensated by the fact that you can colonize different areas present on the global map, where you can find or fewer resources with various special bonus.
Adding to this the new 3D graphics and the fastest growing, we can say that this new mode is definitely the most interesting of the last 3 years, obviously to try!