Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ikariam Free Strategy Browser Game

Gameforge once again proposes a strategy browser game, Ikariam, set this time in Greece from the Bronze Age, around 1400 BC.


Unlike many other online game Ikariam servers allow you to continue the game for years and, importantly for those starting, ensure the coexistence of expert player and not.

Just started you will have a city located in one of the many small islands, which you have to manage entirely by economic, military, cultural and especially commercial, something essential to expand your empire through the progress of your domain and conquering of new ones.

You will need to develop your city extracting 5 essential resources: wood, marble, sulfur, wine and glass. The first can easily be taken thanks to a mine present in your island, and you will have a causal for a second. For the rest you will have to decide whether to trade with other player,or militarily conquer other cities or found new colonies on uninhabited islands.
The first move will be to execute the construction of an academy, which is necessary to develop the main air of Research, Economy, Science, Militar and Navigation, which will soon find having to interact with each other to get the most remarkable achievements.
The progress of research points will allow you to create solid buildings and defensive walls safer for the protection of your territories, and also put you in the right condition to make new conquests of land and marine units, respectively, created by the shipyard and from the barracks.
Have Fun with Ikariam, the free strategy browser game.