Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eDragon the fantasy browser game

eDragon is one of the best fantasy browser game of 2011.

At the beginning of your adventure a short tutorial will explain you the basic rules,you will start by choosing your primary weapon between dagger, sword or pike.

Then you got to equip it and will be explained you how the inventory and skill points works, which are divided into force agility and constitution.

The power determines your attack power, agility increases slightly the attack and the ability to dodge enemy attak and constitution increase your mp and hp (hit points and magic points).

After that we will explain the basic rules of combat, arena and shop.

When you finish the tutorial you've reached level 10 and you can choose the class of your character.

Murder: Little defense, but formidable attack and dodge

Caster: Able to attack the weaknesses of enemies and medium attack

Saber: Skills medium and capable of further division between strength and agility

Vargant: Powerful attack and perfect defense and part of the damage is absorbed by MP

Paladin: Powerful attack and hp exceptional and retuned damage

Berseker: Force formidable and destructive attack

After Choosing the class can start to learn the skills that are divided among: active and passive assistance.

In short eDragon is a fantastic game of fantasy role to play for free with your browser without any downloads.