Sunday, August 21, 2011

Call of Gods Fantasy MMORPG Browser Game

Call of Gods is a browser-style MMORPG Fantasy Game, set in a world populated by powerful gods, against which thou canst not do anything but hire Heroes, train your army and form alliances.

At first you can choose whether to become a human, an elf or an Undead. Each race has its advantages and disadvantages, and according to that which you join you will find yourself having to build different types of cities. Each of these has two more sub-categories to make each civilization more varied and interesting.

Heroes available to lend their help, which can easily encounter on your journey into the lands of Call of Gods (and especially in the tavern), is critical: you must provide equipment that provide weapons, amulets and armor, so as to increase their power and improve their individual skills. Their strength will affect the way your entire army.
The scenic setting in Call of Gods is very rich and evocative, from snow to capped mountains and grasslands, deserts and volcanoes, bringing you to undergo a wide range of experience in various fields. When the heroic horn redouns in the sky, all, Humans, Elves and Undead, are called to fight for their territory.

This fantastic adventure of BG Boyojoy NetWork will take you to lonely fights, epic battles alongside your allies, a dungeons full of challenges, military and diplomatic tactics, strategies and evidence of personal resistance, which can excite even the most skeptical players!