Thursday, August 18, 2011

A.I. War Science Fiction Browser Game

A.I. War Browser Game of Science Fiction from GameArt Studio, where you'll face the cruel world of Midori, dominated by AI and invaded by the infernal machines that put in circulation.
As you enter A.I. War will find a tutorial that will really help you settle into the game and that will guide you through introducing you to the various commands and points out some missions to accomplish.

Indispensable to the attainment of multiple objectives is to enhance your skills through daily training.
To defeat the numerous enemies will be important to join forces with other players who share the fight against AI and the machines he created. You should also strive to get as many experience points and credits to advance in the game.

Among the fighting men against machines and the battles between various clans already limited resources for the dominance over others and for the precious mystical objects, in AI War you got to develop some diplomacy and military tactics.

Can you together with your allies to resist the probable fate of extermination of the human race?