Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RamaCity Build a city online

In RamaCity, once you have created your account, you will be immediately promoted to mayor of a town, with great effort that you will turn into a real metropolis. You will have to build brick by brick buildings, many more technological, industrial areas and of course, and look after the welfare of your citizens and entertainment for their leisure time.

RamaCity is a free browser game management simulation of Bigpoint, where, in addition to improving your city and manage every aspect, you can also enjoy visiting those of your friends. It is your turn you have to be hospitable to those who come to explore the wonderful architecture and the progress of your territory. Will cooperate so for an interchange of ideas, supplemented later by userfriendly interface and various tutorials that will be always available to new suggestions.

In the game you'll have a whole series of models for buildings (and colors to decorate), from the simplest of ordinary houses or roads, to the most complex of public buildings, businesses, buildings, shops, hospitals, schools and everything you need for a functional city plan. What can not miss in your city are recreational for your inhabitants. You'll get it as a fundamental objective of carrying out missions sometimes daily entertainment of the citizens, to involve them actively in the life of the metropolis and keep up their standard of living by creating fun animations.

Ultimately, you must constantly take RamaCity many new and different actions aimed at increasing the size of your city but also the intensity of your entertainment.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Call of Gods Fantasy MMORPG Browser Game

Call of Gods is a browser-style MMORPG Fantasy Game, set in a world populated by powerful gods, against which thou canst not do anything but hire Heroes, train your army and form alliances.

At first you can choose whether to become a human, an elf or an Undead. Each race has its advantages and disadvantages, and according to that which you join you will find yourself having to build different types of cities. Each of these has two more sub-categories to make each civilization more varied and interesting.

Heroes available to lend their help, which can easily encounter on your journey into the lands of Call of Gods (and especially in the tavern), is critical: you must provide equipment that provide weapons, amulets and armor, so as to increase their power and improve their individual skills. Their strength will affect the way your entire army.
The scenic setting in Call of Gods is very rich and evocative, from snow to capped mountains and grasslands, deserts and volcanoes, bringing you to undergo a wide range of experience in various fields. When the heroic horn redouns in the sky, all, Humans, Elves and Undead, are called to fight for their territory.

This fantastic adventure of BG Boyojoy NetWork will take you to lonely fights, epic battles alongside your allies, a dungeons full of challenges, military and diplomatic tactics, strategies and evidence of personal resistance, which can excite even the most skeptical players!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A.I. War Science Fiction Browser Game

A.I. War Browser Game of Science Fiction from GameArt Studio, where you'll face the cruel world of Midori, dominated by AI and invaded by the infernal machines that put in circulation.
As you enter A.I. War will find a tutorial that will really help you settle into the game and that will guide you through introducing you to the various commands and points out some missions to accomplish.

Indispensable to the attainment of multiple objectives is to enhance your skills through daily training.
To defeat the numerous enemies will be important to join forces with other players who share the fight against AI and the machines he created. You should also strive to get as many experience points and credits to advance in the game.

Among the fighting men against machines and the battles between various clans already limited resources for the dominance over others and for the precious mystical objects, in AI War you got to develop some diplomacy and military tactics.

Can you together with your allies to resist the probable fate of extermination of the human race?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

War of 2012 Online Games on 2012

War of 2012 is a free browser game recently published by Caplay, based on the reconstruction of the world by the survivors of the human race to the catastrophe of 2012, which nearly destroyed the entire species.
You will have to commit to bring civilization in the near future thrown into a state of the Middle Ages, through 4 different ages, from the Age of Darkness Age up to the end of Imperial.

In the War of 2012 will be called the tactics to deal with various challenges, including creating your own army of heroes who will hire the head of the militia, being able to keep your people and build alliances with neighbors.
Initially, each player must obtain the 4 basic resources: food, wood, gold and stone. With them you can start the construction of buildings and expand your territory, seeing as the population increases exponentially. Through the centuries you will discover among other things, new styles of construction for your possessions.
With the development of the city you'll also increase your military power, so you can jump in battles of conquest even together with your allies, gaining experience in battle tactics, and thereby promoting the highest levels. Very useful for scoring will also be equipping your heroes, which you can get in the course of the adventure.
War of 2011 is in short a MMORG that offers many features that give each player a gaming experience exciting and long lasting.

Imperia Online Free Strategy Game

Imperia Online is one of the most popular browser game of strategy, set in a world before the era of gunpowder in which you must constantly make serious decisions to broaden your fortresses, Sting alliances or strengthen your army.

The fifth version of Imperia Online is the new method recently introduced, which greatly improved the game and it also has distorted every detail before.
For example there is the possibility to choose between one of these two races (at the beginning of the adventure you choose and you must maintain throughout the game): Nomads and Imperians, each one with a predisposition to a particular type of game.
If you decide to become a Nomad you have to be a fearsome warrior who conquers and dominates the others with the strength of his army, but if you choose Imperian you got to play with economic intelligence, develop an efficient production, and good defense.

Another peculiarity of the new Imperia Online is a factor of happiness of the population, which is calculated in real time and updated every minute. This depends on several factors and reveals how people living in your empire are met by the government leadership. This is crucial because it determines the emigration of dissatisfied masses in your possession or immigration of a population group, which will allow a greater supply of labor, increasing your production.

Another important change is that the number of provinces that you can get to get passes from the previous 25 to a maximum of 20 days, however, compensated by the fact that you can colonize different areas present on the global map, where you can find or fewer resources with various special bonus.
Adding to this the new 3D graphics and the fastest growing, we can say that this new mode is definitely the most interesting of the last 3 years, obviously to try!

Ikariam Free Strategy Browser Game

Gameforge once again proposes a strategy browser game, Ikariam, set this time in Greece from the Bronze Age, around 1400 BC.


Unlike many other online game Ikariam servers allow you to continue the game for years and, importantly for those starting, ensure the coexistence of expert player and not.

Just started you will have a city located in one of the many small islands, which you have to manage entirely by economic, military, cultural and especially commercial, something essential to expand your empire through the progress of your domain and conquering of new ones.

You will need to develop your city extracting 5 essential resources: wood, marble, sulfur, wine and glass. The first can easily be taken thanks to a mine present in your island, and you will have a causal for a second. For the rest you will have to decide whether to trade with other player,or militarily conquer other cities or found new colonies on uninhabited islands.
The first move will be to execute the construction of an academy, which is necessary to develop the main air of Research, Economy, Science, Militar and Navigation, which will soon find having to interact with each other to get the most remarkable achievements.
The progress of research points will allow you to create solid buildings and defensive walls safer for the protection of your territories, and also put you in the right condition to make new conquests of land and marine units, respectively, created by the shipyard and from the barracks.
Have Fun with Ikariam, the free strategy browser game.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Illyriad the strategic fantasy MMOG

Illyriad is an MMOG set of Illyriad Games Ltd in a fantasy world.
You can choose between four different races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs, all of which have different missions.

When you start the game you'll have one city, where you can build your buildings and, with the research of new technologies, make them more modern. Then you can dedicate yourself to conquer other cities or the colonization of new lands. To expand your influence you have a world of 4 million square meters, most of which are buildable.
There are 5 basic resources (food, wood, iron, clay and stone), as well as other secondary (weapons, animals, books, beer, etc.), while for the research and you'll have the magic of the wizard's tower and library some schools.
To trade and pay troops and diplomats will use the gold, the currency of Illyriad.
You will have absolutely to gain experience in various types of combat to be able to train your commanders in military tactics, necessary for the wars PvP and PvE. The outcome of battles is also influenced by the type of soil in which you play, so it is best to develop many strategy, so you can always use the units appropriate to the conditions.

Illyriad The world is constantly changing, introducing new and mysterious places that you will have the opportunity to explore, and evolves over time, to give every player the choice to investigate or not those territories.
Between conquests, alliances, political intrigue, technological research, espionage, and continuing discoveries, the world of Illyriad will entertain you as long as you want.

Star Supremacy Browser Game Space battles

Star Supremacy is the new browser game announced in August 2011 and is expected to be launched next month, based on the epic space battles.
At the beginning of the game will have a single colony in a universe full of potential enemies, but an empire without a solid star fleet is inevitably doomed to failure. For this it is very important to move quickly to enhance your power, build defenses and begin the expansion. To do this you will have a team of engineers and scientists dedicated to the development of new weapons that will get you bonuses to attack and defensive stats.
First you will have to procure the necessary resources as quickly as possible for the expansion of your colony, but soon you will discover that you can not collect all those that serve to strengthen, so you have to dedicate the plundering of the neutral zones or those of your opponents.
Obviously, if you want to expand your territories you will need a larger number of ships and commanders to protect the new colony.

Star Supremacy offers only one mode of assembly for the creation of different types of spacecraft, completely personal and unique, from the smallest to the most complex. Clearly, models of warships more powerful can be unlocked only at later levels of the game.

Have fun with Star Supremacy

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eDragon the fantasy browser game

eDragon is one of the best fantasy browser game of 2011.

At the beginning of your adventure a short tutorial will explain you the basic rules,you will start by choosing your primary weapon between dagger, sword or pike.

Then you got to equip it and will be explained you how the inventory and skill points works, which are divided into force agility and constitution.

The power determines your attack power, agility increases slightly the attack and the ability to dodge enemy attak and constitution increase your mp and hp (hit points and magic points).

After that we will explain the basic rules of combat, arena and shop.

When you finish the tutorial you've reached level 10 and you can choose the class of your character.

Murder: Little defense, but formidable attack and dodge

Caster: Able to attack the weaknesses of enemies and medium attack

Saber: Skills medium and capable of further division between strength and agility

Vargant: Powerful attack and perfect defense and part of the damage is absorbed by MP

Paladin: Powerful attack and hp exceptional and retuned damage

Berseker: Force formidable and destructive attack

After Choosing the class can start to learn the skills that are divided among: active and passive assistance.

In short eDragon is a fantastic game of fantasy role to play for free with your browser without any downloads.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Skyrama build your own airport

Skyrama Bigpoint the new free online game where you build your own airport.

After a brief registration,will be explained you the rules and functions of this fun game by a short tutorial.

In this fantastic browser game you'll have to be the administrator of an entire airport,
one of the most important aspect will be to attract passengers, you can do by building car parks, taxi ranks, bus stations, luggage stores and hotels.

Watch this short video tutorial Skyrama:

Then you will have your passengers to travel by purchasing new planes that will allow you to move more cargo and more passengers.

Hosting and supplying aircraft of other nations in the airport will allow you to receive items dropped by turist that will help you complete missions that gives you experience points, Skyrama coins and other bonus.

Have fun with Skyrama.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tagoria fighting RPG browser game

From the producers of the Holy War here GameArt Studio to design a new browser game "RPG", Tagoria, traits vaguely similar to its predecessor, particularly in terms of patterns, but at the same time extremely innovative in the communities very wild, which provides then the abandonment of the idea of ​​war between factions and the introduction of new features.

A major novelty of Tagoria is perceived from the outset, when, in character creation, you are given choice about the desired characteristics of the avatar: it can vary between different physical features then decided to sex, body size and appearance.

The ultimate goal of the game is the classic one: to increase in power up your character through the victory of the various battles and the acquisition of the "amber stones", ie the currency of that world. Another bargaining chip for his alter-ego may be the diamond, acquired as payment for the missions to be hired and used to change their skills or as a bargaining chip, inside the caves used for housing, to gain bonuses. Both can be conquered as gifts by the Druids of the villages, which, in exchange for dubious missions that require mostly looting and battles against monsters, may also bestow favors or remedy of divine healing.

Other possibilities to customize your character lie in the fact of choosing between 5 "tactical", all of which serve to enhance a particular statistic, and possession of armor as provided, in which each piece of equipment can be reinforced by 'spell a Druid.
As with previous versions, even on Tagoria, once you reach the sixth level, you can create hordes formed by the union of several players who will try to assert their supremacy over others through the "Dimensional Battles," in the name of one of four deities, respectively, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Finally, beyond elements shamelessly copied or heroically innovative Tagoria is definitely a game to try for its moments of tension, irony, tactic, crudity and tribal atmosphere in which to get lost or sublimely integrated, decorating their cave, integrating their equipment, alliances fighting and accepting more and more complex ... You have the choice of how far to push the challenge!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BiteFight - Fantasy Browser Game

BiteFight the battle between Vampires and Werewolves
Here it is the must of Gameforge, BiteFight. Of course, does not have the majesty of other titles, but this is unquestionably a casual game very
easy to learn, which will also allow the occasional player to enjoy immediately.


Bitefight is a browser game set in a grim world of continuous conflict between vampires and werewolves. The goal is obviously to reach the top of several servers beating all other players, and to do this you must engage yourself in various raids, such merciless battles with other players or the hunting of humans, said NPC.

Another way to power up is to build your own mansion, which over time can expand and make various improvements, so that you can defend better and better by the repeated assaults of our enemies, which would soon attack you right from your first movements.

To improve your performance in the clashes you can also, paying an increasing amount of gold for each skill, enter the section "Training", where you may grow through the repetition of the various exercises.
BiteFight can also indulge in a minor but profitable activities such as go to the tavern to be engaged in different missions, or even more simply to make money and experience working in the cemetery.

Finally, if you want more additional benefits, as in all free browser game there is the possibility to convert real money with "red rocks", the currency of that world, so you can buy what you need to enhance or reinforce your status or improve the defenses of your home.

In conclusion, if you want a browser game where you do not have to spend hours before you begin to get into the game seriously, Bitefight is what it does for you.