Sunday, June 5, 2011

4Story the MMORPG in English

4Story is an excellent MMORPG by Gameforge completely in english, the game is free in all aspects, but if you whant you can buy "moon rocks" at the store. Be a human a beast or a fairy.


Watch the new video presentation here:

At the beginning of your adventure in 4Story you got to choose your character from three different races: humans, beasts and fairy. Each with special powers and abilities that can be enhanced during your adventure.
In addition after selecting your character you got to decide the class for example mage, warrior, archer, assassin or necromancer.

Once you learn some skills they can be put on a shortcut bar, that can be readily used for a battle (to understand like WOW).

The equipment in 4Story is specific to each class, in fact each item you will find can be equipped only by a specific type of character, than the most of the items you will find during your adventure in 4Story may be enhanced by scrolls that allow you to improve their skills.

I do not want to ruin over the discovery of this amazing MMORPG.I wish you a lot of fun.