Thursday, June 16, 2011

Air Rivals The free Aircraft Combat Game

Air Rivals The aircraft combat game free
Air Rivals is the best game of air combat MMOG on the web and, even more beautiful, is free!


At the beginning of your adventure, Air Rivals lets you choose between 4 different types of combat aircraft which mainly differ in speed, maneuverability, firepower and shields.
Watch this amazing game:

Once you have chosen your plane you will be taken to a tutorial that will teach you the main controls of the game and show the amazing movements that you make within this superb MMOG.

One other interesting aspect of the game is the hangar, that is where, finished air missions, you can return to rest, buy upgrades for your veivolo and much more.

In short, Air Rivals is a game to be discovered and above all is totally free.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The West The Free Cowboy Game

The West is the new free cowboy game that you play directly in your browser without downloading.

After you have registered you will enter the fantastic world of The West and a tutorial will explain the main aspects of this fun free game.

The world of The West is made up of city where you can go to accomplish missions and challenge other players, this is one of the main aspects of the game because you need to do missions and kill enemies gain experience and money to upgrade your equipment.

Another interesting feature of this exciting browser game is that you will find hundreds of different types of work to done and you will give each of the different objects that may be useful equipment or simple objects that will allow you to complete missions.

Have fun with The West Cowboy Game.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glory Wars Fighting Browser Game

Glory Wars fighting Browser GameGlory Wars is a browser game in fighting style, at the begin you'll have to choose
the type of your character from magician, warrior and archer.

Each character has special features, for example, if you choose the magician as your character the intelligence will be more developed than
strength or dexterity, choosing instead the warrior as your character
defense and strength will be more developed.
Glory Wars fighting Browser Game
In addition each type of character is able to handle only a specific type of weapons like the bow for the archer the sword of the warrior, etc...

To enhance your character will need to train his ability, this can be done at the training camp, at the beginning increase each skill will be especially cheap but each skill point you train will increase the cost faster and faster.

The currency in Glory Wars is the gold as we have already said with gold you can increase your characteristics or buying new parts of your equipment.
Get the best equipment is one of the key aspects of this Browser Game, every part of it will give you a bonus in defense and in addition they can donate you up to 4 additional bonus that will increase your skills.

To earn the gold you'll need to accomplish missions that you will be assigned in the tavern, or challenge other players in combat steal a part of their gold.

I do not want to ruin over the discovery of this amazing browser game any more.
Wish you a lot of fun.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

4Story the MMORPG in English

4Story is an excellent MMORPG by Gameforge completely in english, the game is free in all aspects, but if you whant you can buy "moon rocks" at the store. Be a human a beast or a fairy.


Watch the new video presentation here:

At the beginning of your adventure in 4Story you got to choose your character from three different races: humans, beasts and fairy. Each with special powers and abilities that can be enhanced during your adventure.
In addition after selecting your character you got to decide the class for example mage, warrior, archer, assassin or necromancer.

Once you learn some skills they can be put on a shortcut bar, that can be readily used for a battle (to understand like WOW).

The equipment in 4Story is specific to each class, in fact each item you will find can be equipped only by a specific type of character, than the most of the items you will find during your adventure in 4Story may be enhanced by scrolls that allow you to improve their skills.

I do not want to ruin over the discovery of this amazing MMORPG.I wish you a lot of fun.