Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travian the free strategy game 2012

Travian a fun medieval multiplayer online game, playable with your browser without download.
To play click on the picture, you will need only 30 seconds to register.

Once registered you will learn the main functions of Travian with a quick tutorial.
The first thing you need to do is build a carpenter's level 1 that will allow you to accumulate wood faster.

Travian strategy game browser basedThe resources are the basis of this game as they allows you to build your infrastructure at the city center, recruiting warriors for your army,build new cities and more.

Watch the video presentation of Travian that explains the main features of the game:

Here is a list of some of the structures you can build on Travian at the beginning of your adventure:

Secret Storage:
The secret storage is used to hide some of your resources when the village is attacked. These resources can not be stolen.

Barn :
The barn is stored the grain produced from the fields. The greater the loft, the greater the storage capacity.

City Walls :
With the city walls protect your village from enemy attack. The higher the level, the higher your bonus in defense.

Warehouse :
In the warehouse are stored resources (wood, clay and iron). More will expand the warehouse and the greater the storage capacity of resources.

Military Base: :
Troops meet here in your village. From here you can send troops to conquer, plunder or reinforce other villages.

Click here to play immediately Travian and have fun.