Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Grepolis is a free online strategy game set in ancient Greece, a world which still dominate the legends and gods.

Once registered the game it will be presented you by a quick tutorial that will explain the main aspects of Grepolis .
Watch the video presentation of this fantastic game of strategy.

At first is very important to increase the production of raw materials by building a sawmill or a quarry. Click Senate to erect buildings.

At the senate you will have the chance to build and expand buildings. Now widen your sawmill to produce more raw materials.
In the bottom left corner of the Senate you can see the buildings in line with their construction time.

Grepolis strategy gamesIn Grepolis There are three commodities. The first is the timber. At first you need wood to build your city, then it will be useful for the construction of ships.
The stones will be very useful for the expansion of the city walls and temple.
The third raw material is represented by silver coins. Such as timber and stone, these serve to expand the buildings. Also, later, you'll need to conduct espionage.

Now you should get an idea of your surroundings to see who your neighbors and understand the position of your city. To do this, click on the map.
Your city is always marked with an orange pennant, while the other players are marked with a brown banner.

Each player is assigned a city on the coast. Inland lie the villages of peasants controlled by computer. They are marked by a green banner.

Now that you know the main features of the game click here to play the wonderful world of Grepolis enjoy.