Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goalunited-football manager game 2011

Goalunited the game football manager of 2011 free.

is the best football manager game to play online without downloading anything.
Once you have registered and confirmed your email you will choose the nation and the name of your team.

Goalunited football manager game 2011Done this you will learn the main functions of the game with a quick tutorial that will allow you to earn € 350,000 immediately useful for your first purchase campaigns.

If you want to get an idea of Goalunited here is the video presentation click play and then click on full screen button to see better:

The first test will be to choose a sponsor below and click on the menu and then choose squedra sponsor, you can choose between 2 different sponsors, you will also deal with them to try to increase your income weekly.

Without this you will need to set the training of your team goalunited you can choose from dozens of different types of exercises once you've chosen the most appropriate style to your game click on the button below to Sinista to confirm.

Extension Facilities
The third mission will teach you how to expand the facilities of your club as bleachers, parking lots, Specimen layout healthcare field for training and many other things that will help grow your club healthy and strong.

Now it's up to the formation you need to choose the positions of your eleven players trying to put them in roles where they feel more at ease, you will be asked to choose a captain as well, a shooter of penalties, one for the corners and a for punishment.

Hiring staff
What is a team without a coach in the second, physiotherapists, managers, etc. so the next test will be to enlist the colladoratori which will help you in your work.
We'll have to choose according to their caraterristiche, their experience and of course their price el.

Once you complete this short tutorial you can start playing really Goalunited the football manager game of 2011 and enjoy all the features of this amazing online game.

But I will not further ruin the findings of this wonderful game.
Click here to start play immediately Goalunited the best online football management game.