Thursday, January 20, 2011


Play Seafight now! Hi captain !!! Looking for a ship and a crew? You've come to the right port.
Seafight the best game of naval combat.

But now the real game! To sail the sea with your pirate ship just click "Start game" (top center of the screen).
You have to do much in this game to become a pirate and plunder the ships of other players earning big points, experience and money.

But let's start from the beginning ... Once you have registered you will be taken at Seafight in your "port " where you can organize your resources and upgrade your galleon.
One of the most important sections is undoubtedly the yard ship where you can buy new parts of your ship ...
Cannons, anchors, figureheads, bridges stronger, bigger sails, but also terrifying new battleships!

After a quick load you will put on a map of Seafight where you need to complete missions, kill monsters, to board other ships and collect more gold medals as possible, to become the most powerful pirate of the seas ...
But nothing is better than a video to give you an idea of this fascinating game:

Now that you've seen a bit of a pirate fighting particularly strong shall now set out what else you can do in the map.
Since the money is never enough, you will quickly gather enough to kill more whales, you will not be difficult to find but to do this you will need ammunition for your harpoon at the port that you can find under the heading Weapons.

In the map you can destroy other pirate ships and complete missions that will give you many bonuses for the game.
But enough words! Seafight world awaits you! Captain, you accept the challenge of the 7 seas?!
Register for FREE clicking HERE .
Have fun with the game Seafight online pirates.