Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama Seek the peace and tranquility of an online game where you get immersed in a relaxing farm?


The online game that I introduce today is called Farmerama the game farm, once you have registered you will be taken on your property where a short tutorial will explain the basic commands of the game.

Once finished you'll be ready to start playing with your farm, the first mission will be to build a field of lettuce, flush it and put manure.
Flush leaders need to make them grow faster as the manure helps your plants to grow even in adverse weather conditions.

The second challenge will be to build a house and do a bit of feed for your chickens, to produce the feed, you should click on the building in top shape to select the feed mill and correct.

Now that your farm is starting to be productive you can go into town and swap your seeds, your chickens and your eggs and other things that will grow further to make your farm.

Your every action within Farmerama will earn you experience points that serve to make you level up, in fact, a novice farmer is not allowed to grow more complicated plants and animals more profitable.
So as we continue to play at each level you earn will unlock the new features of the game until you can get a farm like this.

There would be many other things to make clear Farmerama but risk to ruin the game so if you want to become a farmer click here and start your adventure.