Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Play Dark OrbitWelcome to the online gaming space DarkOrbit the Web, becoming the best pirate spaceships and defeat your enemies with shots of laser beams.


DarkOrbit here explain to the review of the main features of the game.
At the beginning of your adventure just after you have registered you will choose which people use: Martians, land or Venusians course you will be given an accurate description of the three people inside the game.

And then it begins ... Hangar you will be placed where you can buy and sell everything you need, but the real game begins as soon as you come in the spatial map where you fight with and against thousands of other spacecraft, you will also find many treasures along the way that will help power up your ship.

But the super fun comes with the missions you will face in the hundreds, you will level up and give you money to buy new ships, ammunition, shields and engines to become the terror of space.
Some of these missions will require much skill because you kill monsters, fierce enemies, gather the raw materials and of course fight against other players like you.

This is just a small taste of what's in Serbian DarkOrbit for you the best way to discover this fascinating world is to try it.
Online Games wishes you lots of fun.