Monday, January 24, 2011

American Football

Play online flash football game for free use the mouse to aim and left click to select the power with which to kick the ball.

Board Games Free

Simple online game board, roll one (figured as a mill), the movement is automatic duck. When the duck stops you have to answer to a question. If you give the right answer as many boxes will advance and earn more points, otherwise you must pass before it reaches your home turno.Il octyne 500 points and wins the game.
To play just use the mouse to click on the mill and select the correct answer.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Browser Games for girls

Browser Games for girls : the best free online games to play with the PC without any download right in your browser.
Click on the name of the game to read the full review or image to play now, the games require a quick registration (Choose your nikname, password, and give your email address), your email is used only to ensure that the same person can register multiple times in the same game as having unfair advantages.

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: The fun and relaxing online game farm, costuruisci gardens, animal shelters and increase the capacity of your warehouse, raises many varieties of animals and sell your products to market.
All this and much more you can find on the game for girls Farmerama 2011.

Play Deepolis now!Deepolis: if you like hard games then this is for you, faces fighting at 1500 feet deep, comes to wild beasts of the most powerful alliances and make your submarine to become the most powerful of all Deepolis.

Have fun with the best games for girls 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Games with registration

Looking for games with free registration on which to spend hours of fun? This is the right place!
I try to put them in order of the most beautiful in the least but it is hard every game is different for example my favorite is Damoria a game where you must build a city to find your but I suggest you try them all.

Skyrama:The new Bigpoint browser game where you become the manager of an airport online. After registering a short tutorial will explain you how to use the many features of the game.
If you are looking for a fun and comfortable game at the same time Skyrama is right for you.

Battlestar Galactica OnlineBattlestar Galactica Online: The best space fighting game available in the entire Web, created in 2011 in this game you will become the captain of a powerful combat spaceship.

Play Dark OrbitDarkOrbitOne of the most played game with registration in the entire web, this is the game of space combat you will face hundred of space monstr and alien space ship. With new graphic improvements that game sure worth a try.

Play Seafight now!Seafight: Are you a guy who does not want rules? Try to be the best in everything you do? then this is your game, you'll be a pirate with the sole purpose of becoming the most famous and powerful of the seven seas, the mission is not easy but as I said this game not for the weak .

Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama: Another game with registration more suited for girls but not like zoomumba, you'll have to build a real farm with staff the various greenhouses animals and many other things, here is an entrepreneurial spirit to excel !

And here ends the list of the best games with registration of the web.


Play Seafight now! Hi captain !!! Looking for a ship and a crew? You've come to the right port.
Seafight the best game of naval combat.

But now the real game! To sail the sea with your pirate ship just click "Start game" (top center of the screen).
You have to do much in this game to become a pirate and plunder the ships of other players earning big points, experience and money.

But let's start from the beginning ... Once you have registered you will be taken at Seafight in your "port " where you can organize your resources and upgrade your galleon.
One of the most important sections is undoubtedly the yard ship where you can buy new parts of your ship ...
Cannons, anchors, figureheads, bridges stronger, bigger sails, but also terrifying new battleships!

After a quick load you will put on a map of Seafight where you need to complete missions, kill monsters, to board other ships and collect more gold medals as possible, to become the most powerful pirate of the seas ...
But nothing is better than a video to give you an idea of this fascinating game:

Now that you've seen a bit of a pirate fighting particularly strong shall now set out what else you can do in the map.
Since the money is never enough, you will quickly gather enough to kill more whales, you will not be difficult to find but to do this you will need ammunition for your harpoon at the port that you can find under the heading Weapons.

In the map you can destroy other pirate ships and complete missions that will give you many bonuses for the game.
But enough words! Seafight world awaits you! Captain, you accept the challenge of the 7 seas?!
Register for FREE clicking HERE .
Have fun with the game Seafight online pirates.


Play Deepolis now!Deepolis: Are you ready for the thousands of deep sea creatures with your submarine warfare?


With the free online game Deepolis you become the master of a powerful submarine, addressing hundreds of dangerous missions, but beware that enemies lurk in ambush everywhere.

After registration I would be sent to the Home of the game where in the future be able to check messages from your friends, change, division and change the account.
But no more talk just let 's dive into the wonderful world of Deepolis.
Deepolis logo
Click start at the bottom center of the screen and parts of the sea, an area with a well-developed graphics and enemies ready to attack at any time.
Pear across the map not only find enemies, there are also valuable resources that will allow you to upgrade your submarine.

In addition you will always have three missions active at the beginning are easy but slowly becoming more complicated and the booty got bigger and bigger.
Once you have completed some missions rose to some level and gained some Cel and Elix (Deepolis coins are) you will return to the market where we expect new and more powerful submarines, laser guns, missile launchers, engines and much more.

When you become powerful enough you can join a clan where you will be helped and can help other players, but especially to organize epic battles ...
Watch this movie for a sample:

Good adventure with one of the best online gaming websites.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Play Farmerama Now!Farmerama Seek the peace and tranquility of an online game where you get immersed in a relaxing farm?


The online game that I introduce today is called Farmerama the game farm, once you have registered you will be taken on your property where a short tutorial will explain the basic commands of the game.

Once finished you'll be ready to start playing with your farm, the first mission will be to build a field of lettuce, flush it and put manure.
Flush leaders need to make them grow faster as the manure helps your plants to grow even in adverse weather conditions.

The second challenge will be to build a house and do a bit of feed for your chickens, to produce the feed, you should click on the building in top shape to select the feed mill and correct.

Now that your farm is starting to be productive you can go into town and swap your seeds, your chickens and your eggs and other things that will grow further to make your farm.

Your every action within Farmerama will earn you experience points that serve to make you level up, in fact, a novice farmer is not allowed to grow more complicated plants and animals more profitable.
So as we continue to play at each level you earn will unlock the new features of the game until you can get a farm like this.

There would be many other things to make clear Farmerama but risk to ruin the game so if you want to become a farmer click here and start your adventure.


Play Dark OrbitWelcome to the online gaming space DarkOrbit the Web, becoming the best pirate spaceships and defeat your enemies with shots of laser beams.


DarkOrbit here explain to the review of the main features of the game.
At the beginning of your adventure just after you have registered you will choose which people use: Martians, land or Venusians course you will be given an accurate description of the three people inside the game.

And then it begins ... Hangar you will be placed where you can buy and sell everything you need, but the real game begins as soon as you come in the spatial map where you fight with and against thousands of other spacecraft, you will also find many treasures along the way that will help power up your ship.

But the super fun comes with the missions you will face in the hundreds, you will level up and give you money to buy new ships, ammunition, shields and engines to become the terror of space.
Some of these missions will require much skill because you kill monsters, fierce enemies, gather the raw materials and of course fight against other players like you.

This is just a small taste of what's in Serbian DarkOrbit for you the best way to discover this fascinating world is to try it.
Online Games wishes you lots of fun.

play sexy dress up girl

Veronique likes to dance more than anything. Help her to dress for a party at the nightclub.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The world hardest game

Introducing the world's hardest game online.
This popular online game has been around the world in a very short time and is one of the most popular free flash games to play wait for the game to load and click begin.