Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tera Online- the new MMORPG free-to.play from Gameforge

Tera Online DownloadTERA, which stands for The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a free fantasy MMORPG with an awsome 3D graphics, like Aion , the Orient has broken through here in Europe and North America.


Developed by Korean Bluehole Studio and published by Gameforge, Tera Online will guide you into the magical world of Arborea , populated by a lot of magic creatures and richly detailed landscape at every point of his huge map.

Here you can see the tailer of all the Classes. (recommanded to swich to HD)

Once you have downloaded Tera Online you can start the creation of your character. First of all you will need to select the race among Aman, Baraka , Castanici , Elin , Elf, or Human Popori , each one with unique characteristics and different powers. Except for Elin (only female ) , the Baraka and Popori (only male ) , you can also choose the sex.

Then you have to decide to which class to join. There are 8: Archer , Mage , Murderess , Berserker , Lancer , Warrior, Monk and Priest. At this point, you can customize your Avatar with many details : tattoos for cutting hair,face expressions, and much more.

Thanks to a well thought gameplay, a dynamic combat system full of action, epic boss battles against monsters you can definitely say that Tera Online is one of the best MMORPG in circulation on the web.